Not Without Risk

Everything in life has risks. A true enough statement I’m sure you’ll agree. But the question is, do the rewards outweigh the risk?

That is the age old question of any entrepreneur. Risk the stability of employment, for the rewards of self-employment.

I rolled the dice and took the risk in 2004, and I’m glad I did. Because I’ve lived, experienced and achieved more in the last 10 years, than I ever have before in my working life.

I know now that I could never go back to the constraints of a 9 till 5 job. Sure the financial stability is great, but long have gone the days of a job for life.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a business, don’t think about it, just do it, even if you start your business as a hobby in your spare time, commit to it and make your dream come true.

As I’ve always said, it is better to live a life of success and failure, than a life of regret. So don’t think what if, instead build, create, and achieve. Live life, and live your dream.

- Have a great day :)